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Replica Fiberglass Fire Hydrants And Doggy Fire Hydrants

The Hydrants Are Made Of Fiberglass With Polyurethane Binding - Design For Out Door Use And For Dog Parks (For Pets To Urinate On)

They Will Not Fade - Automotive Grade Paint And Clear Coated - MSDS


PLEASE NOTE: Shipping Cart Limited To Continental United States - All Sales Out Of The Continental U.S. - Will Need To Be To Be Quoted

These products are custom orders, and Can take Up 6 to 8 weeks to show up at your door step. Sometimes They Can Take A Little Longer,

please Be Patience, Or If Needed By Specific Time Frame Additional Charge - cancellation fees 25% of sale


The Dog Park Hydrant

32" Tall

4 Brackets

 2" Wide x 8" Long Aluminum Strap

2 Inserts Cast Inside

2 Countersunk Screws

1/2" Hole For Anchors






The Doggy Hydrant

20" Tall

$125 Each

They Come With A Fitted Plug In The Bottom So They Can Be Filled With Sand Or Other Materials To Keep Them Stable And Are Constructed Of Durable Exterior Grade Urethane Materials And Finished With UV Stable Paints And Clear Coats

Which Will Keep These Hydrants Looking Good For Years


The Doggy Hydrant Is Currently Available In Three Colors ONLY,

Pink, Blue And Classic Red





Mueller Centurion Hydrant

Flange 14"- 2 Hose Ports 2 1/2" & 1 Steamer Port 5 1/2"

30" Tall Mueller Centurion Weighs About 13 lbs. And Stands 30" Tall.

$315 In Red or $350 Custom Color

This Is A Replica Of A Mueller Centurion Hydrant Which Is The Same Hydrant

Used By The Mueller Company For Trade Shows And Sales Displays 






Mueller Improved Hydrant

Flange 14"- 2 Hose Ports 2 1/2"

32" Tall Mueller Improved Weighs About 13 lbs. And Stands 32"

 $315 In Red or $350 Custom Color

A One Piece Replica Of The Mueller Improved Hydrant.

You Can't Tell It From A Real One,  But All The Parts Are Molded In






Additional Customizations

The Dog Park Hydrant

The Doggy Hydrant

Mueller Centurion Hydrant

Mueller Improved Hydrant






















Alert! Rescue Workers That You Have Pets With Fire Safety Plaques And Highly Reflective Window Stickers!

  Fire Safety Plaques - Pet Safety

Alert! Rescue Workers That You Have Pets With Fire Safety Plaques And Highly Reflective Window Stickers!

Reflective Window Stickers

Additional reflective window stickers can be discretely

placed on the electrical box out of public view, however,

that is one of the first places a fireman

goes in case of fire emergency

Approx Size 4 1/2" x 4 1/2"


$4 Each


Fire Safety Plaque

Made In The  U.S.A.

 8.5” X 8.5”

Alert Rescue Workers That You Have Pets!

Our Plaque complements any style of home with beauty and elegance. 

It is truly a work of art with a very important function.


Fire Safety Plaque


Burnished Copper - Magnetic Strip $33.95


Burnished Copper - Mounting Screws $31.95


Burnished Nickel - Magnetic Strip $33.95


Burnished Nickel - Mounting Screws $31.95

Fire Truck Chrome


Burnished Brass - Magnetic Strip $33.95


Burnished Brass - Mounting Screws $31.95


Fire Truck Chrome - Magnetic Strip $33.95


Fire Truck Chrome - Mounting Screws $31.95

Magnetic Strip Method

Install screws and nuts to plaque before attaching to wall. 

This is an aesthetic step to cover the holes. 

Adhere one piece of magnetic strip provided to the back of the plaque

across the top and bottom about one inch from the edge. 

Level and press firmly while placing on a metal entry door. 

This method also eliminates the need to drill holes in your home.

Wall Mount Method

Mark and drill holes in masonry or wood exterior

wall preferably near entry. 

Install anchor using a small amount of caulk to seal. 

Mount plaque using screws provided taking care not to

over tighten. This is the recommended method of installation.


This beautifully crafted I.C.E. Plaque will keep your pet safe in the event of a fire or other emergency within your home. The plaque is 8.5” X 8.5”

and comes in 4 finishes. Lightweight though durable, the textured design provides a classic vintage aesthetic, making the plaque not only

the perfect safety tool, but also an attractive addition to your exterior décor.

The plaque is designed to be easily mounted to the inside or outside of a wall or door; it can also be screwed onto the exterior of your home.

Our product is crafted of highly durable ABS Resin that has been professionally electroplated, antiqued, and finished with a clear lacquer protective coating.

This is the same technique used in the automotive, plumbing and aeronautical industries for many years.

We are proud to have chosen this process to complete our product making it a work of art.


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